Move from ‘best guess’ to having key data at your fingertips. Be aware of the situation

MimoCare and MimoCool are part of a set of applications that brings new ideas and technology to a care home or residence. Professional care of Elderly and vulnerable is an intensive personal process. Get the most of that process by backing it up with the latest data that the care providers need to work with. Let Mimo technology take care of the day to day routine processes so staff can focus on what they are good at, providing top level care


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MimoCare leads the way in utilising sensor technology to assist staff with care of seniors and elderly.  Mimocare has introduced a number of innovations.  Innovations that are working 24/7 and do not require the elder to call their own help.

The pendant or bell push is no longer the mainstay.  Family and carers have remote access to view daily routines or an alert call. A wide range of alerts from simple to complex can be  passed through to an existing  Nurse Call system.     Find out about falls when they happen, not when someone calls in.  Be warned of increasing frailty or potential UTI issues.

But innovations don't stop here. It is an ongoing process as technology opens up new possibilities..  Coming soon the integration of Voice technology. Mimocare instructing Amazon echo's Alexa to pass on messages from family, warnings re fridge open or cooker left on. Most critically calling out if resident may have fallen during night or day.

Listen to the latest major innovation in care.  Amazon Alexa - an elders best friend  


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MimoCool provides consistent and reliable monitoring of cold stores for medication and food.  Accurate daily temperature readings are recorded every six minutes and reported for audit and management, and alerts are set for any untoward malfunction of the fridges.

Informative monthly Audit reports for Compliance checks, performance graphs for maintenance staff, alerts for failure.

Ensure compliance with Health and Safety and Food/Medication requirements (NZ) via automatic logging of fridge performance.



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"This is a game changer for care...."

- 2017 RVA conference delegate


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