About Us is the before and beyond of an exciting development

"Mimocare is the first real example of the application of the Internet of Things in a social environment'

Intel Corp: Vegas Conference 2015

It is a truth that good ideas are not made, it is  more likely a happening that sparks an idea which leads to new directions. So it was with MimoCare and a yacht that needed monitoring .  A high tech technical fitout in a boat which then sparked an idea as how to look after an elderly family member in need on the other side of world. And all the while being aware of the implications of the approaching aged Silver Tsunami that is now causing worldwide resourcing concerns.

The team is now well versed and immersed in the workings and development of  new technology  in aged care provision. From that little acorn...........several branches have developed with advanced new networks opening possibilities such as remote fridge monitoring, MimoConnect, Amazon Alexa voice integration and more to come.

We look to wider markets with Australia looming large and potentially Europe and the UK.

If you have a niche market product in a mature industry, one has to be sure that it will fit within the grand scheme of things. Thus integration with existing Call systems is important so we can provide a sophisticated interface with the resident which before, was serviced by a random call for help on a pendant. That scope has widened considerably and our unique innovation with Predictive Care and not Cure Care, is a clear opening  indicator that technology has a huge amount to offer.

The Team


John Williams CEO and founder

Fresh from a successful startup company in the UK and originator of the MimoCare concept. John Is a strong proponent of the concept that a car needs a driver to steer in the right direction while others adjust the engine to make it work better. So conceptual by nature but pragmatic in approach.

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Charles Oram

A Kiwi expert on embedded technology, Charles brings a ray of enlightenment and optimism to all he does. Engineered the monitoring system on the yacht before the name IoT was even invented so he can claim a first in NZ for application of nascent technology regarding battery driven sensors running on Zigbee networks and cloud technology


Dave Wilcox -Programmer

Dave is very focussed and diligent and has been a member of team from product inception. His imprint is there to be seen on the product. He has a skill with crafting web Apps like MimoCare and when not immersed in that, he is rearing chickens and planting trees on his new homestead in Kaiwaka

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Richard Jenkins Support

Support needs a keen sense of logic, a placid temperament and the ability to take the users side. Richard has this characteristic in spades. Also diligent in keeping his support list as short as possible. Ex senior ASB support desk member so been through the mill. Can be found in the Waitakeres, scaling mounts and striding streams .


Mel Sleeman Australia

The Mimocare guru in Australia, Mel handles matters marketing and content re web sites, blog news and Email mail outs. Well involved in Sydney marketing scene so preparing the way if a Sydney office begs in next couple of years. Otherwise preoccupied with two young offspring.