It started as an idea……

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“ Creating a new product that does something new and out of the ordinary, is not something you dream up or find by scanning the latest publications for new ideas. The first company came about by accident, spawning a radical new product concept for the leisure booking market. At the time, no one was doing anything like it, but now, 15 years later, that concept is considered standard fare

And that’s how it was with MimoCare. Six years ago, caring for an ageing parent from the other side of the world, it became obvious that existing communications and applications were simply not up to the task. Whilst seeking a solution, it occurred to me that my interest in emerging and internet based technologies could be harnessed to allow us to check he was out of bed and in the kitchen. That concept moment gave birth to a very simple basic internet connected sensor network, capable of confirming the wellbeing of that parent.

MimoCare has come a long way since then but at that time it was ahead of the growing silver tsunami of an ageing population.

The issues raised in trying to cater for and look after that growing section of the population are now testing  resources and support to the limit. Paramount is a need for care technology that can be integrated with family, carers and others to enable independent living without fear of loneliness or an accident at home.

MimoCare is a product before its time but now well positioned to play its part.

MimoCare has a dedicated team of developers and support who have refined and enhanced the product and taking it into new areas where better outcomes are needed across all care sectors.”