What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology is the buzz word for new apps that will make life easier for the elderly and vulnerable. Once that may have been classified as a wheelchair but now we are talking about low power networks that can make sure the elderly stay safe and well. Alerts for falls, wandering out in the night, lack of activity. All this while living in their own home and enabling carers to be aware 24/7.

Is Assistive Technology expensive?

Generally speaking, Assistive Technology consists of small batteries in special sensors that log the daily routine of the elder. In bed, sitting in favourite chair. Fridge opened, cooker left on. Pretty low cost and batteries last for two years or more. Add a low cost computer (called a gateway) that gathers the info from the sensors and sends it the clouds. Carers, family etc can log in on internet to check mum is OK.

Does Assistive Technology use cameras?

Most certainly not! That is an intrusion. Assistive Technology does not need to know who you are but it knows that if the cooker gets left then it warns family or carer. Motion sensors log bathroom use or movement in hallway

How long does it take to install Assistive technology?

Open the box which would contain your gateway and about 5 sensors. Place one in fridge, add one to front door, motion sensors in hallway and bathroom. Just stick to wall and off they go. Put in a chair mat and a bed mat. Connect gateway to mains and no need for wifi connect. It has its own 3g network connection. That’s it! About an hour covers it.