Assistive Technology for Retirement Villages or Supported Home Care

Aged care has many facets. Wellbeing, Assessments, Reablement. Creating a protective environment is important. Giving staff the tools and feedback to keep in touch with their residents. 

MimoCare  enables staff to be aware of any deviation from normal. Not just with one person but many individuals, each with their own particular needs and requirements.

Technology that helps pre-empt a condition that might end up with a fall. Or alert staff to irregular wandering night time behaviour.

Good management is about knowing what might happen  before it happens. Its also about timely response. So a fall  response can happen in a matter of minutes rather than from routine checkups

Its all about communication.

Personal. Warning the resident if doors left open, fridge not closed cooker left on.

Staff.  Getting the feedback that someone has left their dwelling at 2.00 am. Maybe that a resident is still in bed or that they have not accessed fridge or favourite chair.

Being advised that bathroom visits at night are on the increase. More importantly knowing that the resident is not exercising or moving about less and less. A sure precursor for a potential fall

Family.  Enabling family to be aware and in touch with loved one's daily routines. To be able to access the MimoCare rolling activity display for ease of mind


Smart Assistive technology that can provide that extra edge that helps smooth out the bumps and incidents that are part of the daily life of care providers.

MimoCare opens up new possibilities for Aged care


Mimocare has many options for alerts and others can be added to suit the situation

  • Bathroom   -  Multiple visits
  • Door exits  -  During night or any specific times during day
  • No Hall movement   -  Has not got up and moved around
  • Irregular bed  occupation   -  During day,  late retiring,  still in bed in morning
  • Lack of activity or exercise   -   Extended time sitting in favourite chair
  • Missing meal routines   -  No fridge access during day
  • No access to fridge in morning   -  Failed to get up and follow routine

Alerts can go to a Mobile or a Nurse Call system such as NCS or others

Mimocare is designed for the future. Linking in with Voice Activation, Smart Home actuators and more

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