How It All Works

Meeting the Challenge

Mk3 motion.jpg

The stated Challenge was to find a way to help move Elderly Care forward into new ideas.

Removing the need for Elders to call their own help.

MK3 Bed.jpg

Small battery powered sensors are placed where needed. Bed, favourite chair, front door , bathroom front door etc.

No cabling or install. Easy in and easy to modify where needed. Each sensor reports every six minutes. Keep an eye on room temperatures, cooker left on, door left open.

Monitor the activity patterns and alert for unusual situations. Still in bed one hour after usual time up? And many more. As many as you need to suit the the situations

Mimocare can also tell if elder has gone out for a walk or away from home. So alerts are put on standby

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The span and creativity is your call.

And all this feedback can be used for Trending and Predictive Care


And then onto Nurses and Carers. MimoCare now integrates with Ecall Nurse Management, a leading supplier of software that parcels and delivers calls to Nurse on duty. Prompted that a MimoCare alert has been received at room/residence etc. Complete with Visual graphics to highlight the location. Red for a fall at residence 20