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Amazon Alexa. The beginning of big things for the Care Industry

Predictive care not Cure care.  Trends that can pick out UTIs and frailty before it gets serious enough for hospitalisation

Frailty Checks.  Analysing the data. MimoCare collects a great amount about about daily activity.

Falls detection. Its going to happen but be aware of it early with MimoCare smart software. Avoid hours of undiscovered suffering. Alexa utilises Alexa, the soft touch

Linking the family so they can be involved

*Campus care.    New network technology for Retirement Villages....TBA

Whats the Internet of Things got to do with this?

Alexa Show. TBA Aus/Nz

Alexa Show. TBA Aus/Nz

Bruce meets Alexa.  This will be a beautiful relationship....

Voice integration has been the buzzword of 2017. The ability to ask a computer to do something using voice and not touch or keyboard is now the big growth area. Amazon Alexa has led the pack.

Immediately, we saw huge potential in integrating Alexa with aged care. There was a place for her acting as a go between the staff and an elderly or vulnerable resident. By interfacing Alexa with MimoCare,  she can contribute on minor to major safety issues from cooker to falls . In the not too distant future she will act as a talking discussion link between staff, resident and family.   The days of  a complicated Skype call will be gone to be replaced by the touch free Alexa alternative,

She will provide reminders for the day re visits, medication, classes and more. Play old favourite hits and watch videos from family. Son or daughter can call and talk on way home and flick her a photo clip.   

She will have the sheer pleasure of listening to audio books once again.  The options are endless

      Alexa is a bright new future for both Carer and Cared for.

                                         importantly, Alexa can check out if Bruce is OK after a fall.    Listen to Alexa talk to Bruce----->


Frailty Warnings

Mimocare collects a lot of data about the routines during the day. Each piece of data has a meaningful place in the overall picture. 

Monitoring bed occupation has little relevance for example, to the fridge being opened. But when you look at monitoring bed plus favourite chair use, then you can start to get the picture

Increasing use of bed and chair will show as inactivity and hence warrants a warning flag..

Time to engage in exercise routines. Controlled manual interventions in the past have pushed back hospitalisation by 35%.  (Otago Convention 2011.)      MimoCare will get you the alerts so you too can catch it early

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lord Kelvin - Physicist

lord Kelvin - Physicist

If Lord Kelvin was around today, IoT would bring a smile to his face.

Without IoT , MimoCare would not be as revolutionary as it is. Internet of Things is about being able to collect lots of small bits of data about something thats happening live. And then to analyse that data to see if anything at the centre of that process needs attention. Thats what MimoCare does very well.

Use of IoT is very focussed on processes that could benefit from that analysis. From monitoring water levels in soil crop fields to checking on cow milk yields, gas pipes across the tundra, process machinery,, traffic signals in a city. All work with battery driven sensors very similar to the ones that MimoCare uses.

Mimocare goes beyond the Pendant and collects its own specialised  bits of data every 6 minutes. It uses it to maintain the profile of an elderly or vulnerable person. Analysis that can create alerts or instructions to Alexa.

And these battery sensors carry on reporting 24/7, at least 2yrs before batteries need replacing

Thanks to IoT, MimoCare keeps you in touch with the wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable people. At home, in a retirement village or supported care

Falls-  Its going to happen but how can we know?

Sooner or later, despite best efforts, a resident will suffer a fall. The age profile for falls can be improved by adopting a remedial exercise program.  Mimocare reports an increase in frailty which if not addressed will lead to an early fall.      The 2011 Otago Convention highlighted the effectiveness of a remedial program which pushed back hospitalisation from falls by 35%.

Once the worst happens, the critical factor is immediacy of response. Often happening in the early hours due to bathroom visits, the result is often fractures and painful immobility or concussion. This predicates the use of any alarm, even a pendant where shock blankets out logical thinking. Hand operated devices are an option but are they always worn and ready?

Falls image man.jpg

Mimocare took a different approach and developed a concept where a fall could be detected by intelligent sensors. This concept was based on the knowledge of daily routines and whether the sensors were reporting

At this point the "soft approach" is initiated getting Alexa to call out. A quick and easy voice verification. If Bruce calls out help or does not answer at all, then the process gets elevated quickly (see Alexa) through a general alert.

Any doubt at all will trigger Alexa to cal carers or stafl.      And she does apologise if Bruce shouts back he is OK!


The Family is a crucial component..

Although MimoCare isstanding by 24/7 there may be no alerts or Alexa calls going on. Just day to day routines. But Family deserve to be able to "click in" and take a quick check to see if "Mum" is up for breakfast. Warm comfort at least to know all is well at beginning of day.

Mimocare has a special offer  whereby a Retirement village operator can offer the family a code that will provide them with  internet access to the activity display. . Family can also integrate directly with "Mum" via an Alexa family network. Family members can have a closed system whereby any family member with an Alexa can call Mum or vice versa. 

Great idea and does help to alleviate the loneliness issue that  affects many elders at home



Campus Care...... TBA

Designed specifically for Retirement Villages, initial concepts  are for a wide deployment with options to include local residents.

Optimistic this could be a game changer.

Watch press and newsletters!!