Insights Into The Future

MimoCare assistive technology opens new doors, fosters new ideas

If you cannot measure it then you cannot manage it
— Lord Kelvin

That philosophy is built into MimoCare..


Mimocare technology is constantly logging and noting the daily routines. It is “measuring” the day to day actions of a vulnerable Person. MimoCare assesses that data and will warn of any issue . Care staff can then get to and manage the situation….early

Wearing pendants or push buttons does not always provide that benefit. They are reactive. They may not be worn all the time, forgotten or not charged. But MimoCare is proactive 24/7 and alerts to any issue that needs attention.

But there is more. Collecting and monitoring daily routines opens up the possibility of identifying trends. Trends that highlight the wellbeing or otherwise of that Elderly person. That is good critically important feedback

Introducing “Predictive Care”

There are two or three events in the ten stages of ageing that can cause hospitalisation.

1 Falls. Aged 65 or beyond there is a one in three likelihood of a fall. A fall that may mean expensive and uncomfortable stay in hospital. The likelihood of a second such incident is highly possible.

eldrly exercise.jpg

A fall is normally a result of a gradual decline in activity.

Activity/non activity. Click to expand.

MimoCare’s predictive care logs the responses from various battery driven sensors.

One of them monitors favourite chair usage, another sensor reports bed occupancy. If bed or chair are reporting, then this indicates no activity. If neither are reporting, then this potentially indicates activity (given they are in the room).

This information can be displayed as a graph over a period of time. An increasing non-activity trend can notify Carers to engage with the resident early in some planned exercise.

This proactive approach has been manually proven to successfully defer early falls by as much as 35% (Otago Convention 2011). Now you can be warned automatically

2 UTIs. In the same way, bathroom visits can be logged and once again potentially flag up early UTI infection problems.

Mimocare has the ability to plot trends and enhance lifestyle

Falls detection. An interesting Challenge

and an Innovative Solution

A MimoCare first. Smart analysis of the collected activity data is able to combine two or more selective alerts. Linked together they can produce a Super Alert.

It is an “If this and not that” type analysis. A specific Super Alert that can now continuously check for falls.

Falls image man.jpg

As things are now, the Elder has to get to a button to report a fall. Nine times out of ten, they are dazed . Even worse they cannot move or can actually be unconscious. Relief maybe hours or sometimes days away depending if somebody notices absence or staff make a morning call. This is a seriously vulnerable area of care for both elder and minder.

EG True incident from Swindon UK elder. Got in bath, moved and slipped and in pain from hip. Pendant hanging on peg. Cannot reach it. All night in bath. Floor mat used for warmth. In morning she heard Postman and shouted for help

Aus NW 2017. Elder living alone falls and cannot move, just crawl. Family makes daily call but no response. Family unable to get to reception to attend and check. Three days later family drove over to check them selves. Elder in hospital

The Family is a crucial component..


 MimoCare monitors 24/7. The day to day routines. Staff are kept abreast of the alerts coming through.

Management can also provide access for family if they so wish. Family will also enjoy being able to “see” how Mum is. Whether she has popped out or is using the fridge regularly. It is a visual comfort factor. As technology moves on we can also see integration of private call networks like Alexa enhancing communication and minimising loneliness.

A family connection to the MimoCare is easily handled by provision of a secure personal code login which connects the family to the MimoCare cloud server. The family can view first thing in morning or when-ever the feel the need to see if mum or dad are up and about

Potential family view. Click to View