Amazon Alexa is "going to be a game changer"


Amazons launch of the Echo and Alexa caught the markets off guard in late 2016 and as such has now become  a leading product when it comes to new ideas. The Echo was the first play in a long held belief by Amazon that voice interaction with a computer was going to be the next big innovation in User to Machine connection.  Currently it is finding a ready market in Smart homes, in the kitchen, reading stories to young and old.

However we saw this as a classic fit into the Aged sector where a helping hand or mentor in the company of an elder can bring benefits in warning resident re fridge open, cooker left on medication reminders. It also has huge potential in brining family closer together and minimising the biggest complaint from elders - loneliness.

Through Alexa they can call up family, view family videos and live chat, literally Skype without all the buttons, codes and options to remeber.

However the biggest impact with Alexa being omnipresent in the company of the elder, is her ability to call out to the resident most importantly when it comes to falls. Alexa can take instructs from Mimocare and will play out a routine where se can call out and question the resident.

This facility is a leading edge development by the mimocare team, a first you cant buy off the shelf