Retirement Villages


The Retiree and the Village

Living in a village environment can lead to busy days with activities and options aplenty. For the younger and healthy it can be a close community. Living in a self contained apartment or villa provides all the options in terms of independence, community and self support.

Eventually however there comes a time when tasks become more onerous or minor ailments take their toll. It can be seen as a general ageing experience in which general abilities decline.

Ageing is a gradual process working through the 10 phases of ageing. Sooner or later the option arises where supported care is a safer option. But some say why leave the pleasures and homeliness of a purchased apartment to move in somewhere else?

“We also expect to see an increasing demand for care being delivered to residents in their own units. The RVA continues to argue for home-based support service contracts to be available to retirement village operators as a matter of course so they can deliver lower levels of care to their residents, thereby avoiding the need to move them to a rest home sooner than might otherwise be the case.”

John Collyns RVA
— John Collyns RVA

Just as there are degrees of ageing, so there are degrees of care from attending to small specifics, through to focussed 24hr monitoring.

MimoCare technology offers the option to provide scaled care monitoring to Retirees who wish to remain in their home environment for longer

Reaching Out

By the same logic it can now be within the capability of Retirement homes to look to provide support and care outside the confines of the Retirement village. This would be a service to ageing local residents within the reach of the Villages MimoCare technology thus creating an attached community beyond its own borders


Involving the family

Given the incumbent interest of near or distant relatives concerning a family member living in the Village, Mimocare’s Cloud servers can enable them to log in and be aware as to how Mum or Dad are doing

Family connection can be viewed as a revenue stream to the benefit of all concerned

About the ECall and MimoCare Partnership


It is important that MimoCare is able to integrate with other established mainstream providers. We are partnered with Ecall, one of the leading Nurse Call Management systems and deployed in nine Countries around the world. Mimocare does the heavy lifting regards identifying an alert situation but then feeds the detail through an API into the Ecall Nurse Management system. Ecall provides a complimentary range of sophistication to feed MimoCare alerts into call allocation, staff management and responses.

MimoCare Fall detect. Alert room/villa 20. Courtesy ECall Ltd


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About ECall

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“With the successful application of our software and the growing international demand for our systems we have now released our most powerful nurse call and alarm server software set yet.

From an installation background we recognize and understand the need to develop smart software to integrate different brands of nurse call systems. The level of integration is two way, we are able to integrate seamlessly with many products not only recording alarms but also controlling the propriety output systems such as displays and messaging – to a level no one else does. ECall truly is an evolution in integration.”

Mathew Gorringe Founding Director ECall Ltd