A protective umbrella for the elderly and needy. How new technology can assist carers and family.

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The Challenge? Providing you with the information you need.

The technology is here. Welcome to MimoCare Proactive Care

A care environment is constantly evolving. Most of it is general activity but every now and then, residents need focus and attention. Attention from skilled staff.

That care environment is a big picture. With a lot of players each with different needs.

Thats where Mimocare technology can help. Monitoring each and all and highlighting potential outcomes

MimoCare Assistive Technology can now help you to manage the Big Picture. Intelligent low power networks report individual routines, minute by minute. Smart software continuously analyses that data and reports unusual changes to a residents routines. Changes that might indicate unusual bed occupancy, night bathroom visits, stoves left on. Right up the scale through to monitoring and detecting falls.

And the Challenge? To provide an intelligent umbrella of comfort and safety for the Elder. An umbrella that removes the need for the Elder to call their own help. No need to solely rely on pendants, floor mats, wall mounted Help buttons.

That umbrella enables a completely new level of feedback on resident activity. Feedback that will enable Care Staff to be aware and forewarned.

But only when they need to know. Getting to an issue before it becomes a problem.

MimoCare. Next generation Care technology

Behind the scenes. The crucial Mimocare big picture. Family can see this if they sign up. You can check on it if you need. But an alert will be issued direct to staff automatically if something wrong. CLICK TO EXPAND

ECall Nursecall interface for MimoCare. Potential fall in villa 20. Click to expand