Mimo Care advanced technology creates a protective environment for the elder  -- Their space

Their home is their space and their well being in that space is important to us

 They can go about their daily routines, confident that carers are aware. 

Their space is created by clever MimoCare sensors. Discretely positioned about the home, they note the daily activity routines, all day every day. One day something may happen, a change that is enough to trigger an alert

A discrete beep will point Carers or family to an internet display where the current situation can be seen. From a cooker incident to a serious fall, Mimocare care is there , 24/7

No need for pendant, no stress to remember to wear it. Mimocare does it all, the elders silent partner.


For Care providers, they can be assured of early notification or warning and a reduced need for constant checks to see if things are alright. MimoCare complements the needs of both carer and cared for. 


Mimocare has many options for alerts and others can be added to suit the situation

  • Bathroom   -  Multiple visits
  • Door exits  -  During night or any specific times during day
  • No Hall movement   -  Has not got up and moved around
  • Irregular bed  occupation   -  During day,  late retiring,  still in bed in morning
  • Lack of activity or exercise   -   Extended time sitting in favourite chair
  • Missing meal routines   -  No fridge access during day
  • No access to fridge in morning   -  Failed to get up and follow routine

Alerts will go to a Mobile or a Nurse Call system such as NCS or others

Mimocare goes beyond the basic. MimoCare has several advanced options involving new technology and more. Mimo Insights